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Connect with the Community

"I think new people might expect to make friends easily since the town is small (I did) but it can be quite difficult to 'find your people' For me, a business owner, plugging into networking events like launch Ashland pub talks and now E2E has been a helpful way to meet likeminded people. Gil's and Growler Guys are both local community hangout spots where people tend to talk to strangers a bit more than other bars and restaurants. I think it's important to know, it just simple takes a little while. It was a year for us." -- Gretchen


"I would recommend putting yourself out there, getting involved in a gym! I would recommend not being shy and going to populated places (even if it means going by yourself). I've gone to Growler Guys a few times alone and have found that it is a great place to meet people. Everyone is friendly and interested in talking. I wish that I would have become more involved in groups like the Southern Oregon Running Enthusiast because I like to run and I think that'd be a great way to meet people. " -- Gracie

Ashland Chamber of Commerce
110 East Main Street
(541) 482-3486

City of Ashland
20 East Main Street
(541) 488-5300

Ashland School District
885 Siskiyou Boulevard
(541) 482-2811

Ashland YMCA
540 YMCA Way
(541) 482-9622

Ashland Public Library
410 Siskiyou Blvd
(541) 774-6980

Southern Oregon University
1250 Siskiyou Blvd
(541) 552-7672

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
15 S Pioneer St, Ashland
(541) 482-2111

Ashland Food Coop
237 N 1st St
(541) 482-2237

Ashland Parks & Rec
1195 E Main St
(541) 488-5340